HDD 3.0 Raid Twin Box II

3.5 “SATA HDD Stylish HDD Case with 2 HDDs
Up to 10 TB can be mounted with 5 TB + 5 TB!
Built-in HDD can be done in just 10 seconds per unit!
RAID function installed! There are four modes, two types of RAID (mirroring (RAID 1) / striping (RAID 0)) and combine / standard mode (two units individually recognized) can be selected according to the application.
Compatible with SATA 6G HDD! Furthermore, double high speed transfer with USB 3.0 (UASP compatible) & eSATA! USB 2.0 connection is also possible!
USB 3.0 host interface is required to operate with USB 3.0.
When operating with USB 2.0, it will be the speed of USB 2.0.
Power interlocking function that controls rotation / stop of HDD / cooling fan in conjunction with power on / off of PC!

[ Compatible HDD]
3.5 “SATA HDD (SATA I / II / 3.0 / 1.5 Gbps / 3.0 Gbps / 6 Gbps) 1 inch thick
This product is exclusively for SATA HDD.PATA (IDE) HDD can not be connected


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HDD 3.0 Raid Twin Box II