LaCie Portable Drive

A Match for Your MacBook

Designed exclusively for Mac with a massive 1TB of capacity, the LaCie Portable Drive is a perfect complement to SSD-based Apple computers. It marries durable design with Time Machine™ compatibility and cutting-edge USB-C for compatibility with the latest MacBook® and MacBook Pro®, as well as previous generations.

LaCie Portable Drive - 2

Tough Storage for When the Going Gets Rough

The LaCie Portable Drive is engineered to withstand shock and resist rain—making it a perfect way to back up and take your files with you.

USB-C: Not Just New. The Future.

Thanks to USB-C, the LaCie Portable Drive works with any computer—including the latest USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 USB 3.0 laptops such as the MacBook and MacBook Pro. No up/down or left/right orientation means there’s no wrong way to connect the USB-C cable. Connect the LaCie Portable Drive to any generation of Mac computers, even legacy ones, using the included USB-C to USB adapter cable. With 130MB/s speeds, you can drag and drop files and perform backups quickly.

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LaCie Portable Drive