The PD3500+ model is a fault-tolerant hard disk array machine which is easy to install and hot-swappable while the power is on. It is suitable for applications such as professional personal workstations, important PC servers, etc. as real-time backup storage equipment.

In the PD3500+, in addition to the back light screen that can display the module status, for Windows users, a software monitoring program is also provided. It allows users to understand the module and hard disk status more directly through the monitoring program. Even better, after setting the monitoring program, it will take the initiative to send letters to users when the hard disk fails. This instant notification allows users to be aware of the situation as soon as possible to remedy the situation faster.

The PD3500+’s disk array is made up of two 3.5″ hard disks, augmented by a 2.5″ hard disk or SSD extractable tray designed internally to diversify usage. Users can choose to use the SSD as the boot disk to speed up system performance and the 3.5″ disk array as the data disk to protect data security. Users can also use the 3.5″ disk array as the boot disk, and the 2.5″ hard disk as the data disk to collaborate with other applications.


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