• Data Transfer Performance and Data Correction

DX4-TB2 supports 4 pieces of 2.5″ HDD/SSD. You could set 4 of them with RAID X mode which still protects your data from two defective disks at the same time. It’s just like what RAID 1 mode can do for you and even with a better data protection feature than that of RAID 0 mode. And also, you could get the same data transfer rate as what RAID 0 provide you. DX4-TB2 not only provides you an excellent data protection but also a good data transfer performance.

• Thunderbolt 2.0 brings you an extreme high data transfer speed.
• Transmission performance than the USB 3.1 to be about 2 times faster.
• Raid X features provide the data protection and can be meantime error tolerance for each 1 HDD on RAID 1.
• Its Background REBUILDING feature lets you keep a stable data transfer efficient even though it’s at REBUILDING WORKS.
• Double Tray Lock designs helps reducing the DEGRADED RAID happening from extracting HDD/SSD Trays accidently!
• Safety and Efficacy of both the best RAID X storage device.