The ST4-SB3 is equipped with two types of high-speed interfaces, and can be used as a 6G 3.5″/2.5″ high-speed SATA hard drive. When using the e-SATA interface, transmission speeds can reach 476MB/s, while transmission speeds for the USB3.0 interface are 386MB/s. These two types of interfaces achieve high transmission speeds at lower cost, making them suitable for high-speed image processing or image galleries with large capacity requirements.

For field editing applications, the ST4-SB3 can be made portable as it comes equipped with a grip handle that you can choose to install yourself, making creative contents mobile convenient and less bulky.

ST4-SB3 is compatible with a range of 8TB SATA hard drive brands. When used with a RAID card in RAID 0 mode, installing four 8TB hard drives allows the system to provide up to 32TB of storage space from a single drive; with a RAID card in RAID 5 mode, the ST4-SB3 can provide secure storage space of 24TB, ensuring the safety of your important data at all times.