• With 4 10TB HDDs, it to provide you 40TB storage capacity

ST4-U5+ provide four HDDs storage system with JBOD storage, ST4-U5+ is compatible to most of 10TB HDD product which are available in the market. Under RAID adapter which its RAID 0 mode, you could get an almost up to 40TB storage capacity. And its RAID 5 feature not only gives you a good data protection but also an almost up to 30TB storage capacity!

• Its multipurpose tray to give you the flexibility for choosing storage media.
• A variety choice of SFF-8088 to SFF-8088 miniSAS interfaces.
• MCU provide you in-chassis temperature control and the mute switch to adjust the buzzer.
• Its aluminum chassis to help an excellent heat dissipation.
• The built-in power supply unit.
• It to fit most of RAID Controller Adapter.