MailPlus License Pack


Synology MaiPlus license packs are designed for adding active email accounts on Synology MailPlus. By default, 5 licenses are installed on a MailPlus supported Synology NAS, and extra licenses can be purchased for additional email accounts according to business needs.
Synology MailPlus comes with 5 free email accounts and allows you to add more accounts by purchasing additional licenses according to business needs. There are two versions of license packs available: 5 or 20 units of email accounts1, both with 1-year validity2, so you can use the mail service and migrate the licenses freely within one year upon license activation.
In addition, email aliases are not considered to be email accounts, so no extra licenses are required for email aliases.
To find out the recommended number of active email accounts for each MailPlus supported model, please refer to the specifications of each model.
No additional fee will be charged for the high-availability support in MailPlus. One cluster includes 5 free mail accounts by default, and additional licenses are required for the total number of enabled accounts from LDAP server or Windows AD domain. For example, if you want to enable 25 email accounts in the high-availability cluster, then 20 additional licenses are needed.


Activation and Extension

By logging in to your Synology Account on your Synology NAS, you can add and unbind the license keys in MailPlus Server package > License (internet connection required), or manage them at One license key can be applied to only one MailPlus supported Synology product at a time.
Furthermore, by applying completely new license keys of the same type (5-account or 20-account version) in advance, you can extend the validity of the registered license keys.



MailPlus License Pack