AKiTiO Thunder Dock


The Thunderbolt™ dock links past, present and future technology to your computer with just one Thunderbolt™ cable. The Thunder Dock allows you to access your data on both legacy and future storage drives by providing multiple host ports for USB 3.0, eSATA and FireWire 800. It also has two Thunderbolt ports for daisy chaining additional Thunderbolt devices and storage.


*Two Thunderbolt™ ports for lightning fast speeds of up to 10Gb/s
*Daisy chain up to 6 Thunderbolt™ devices
*Two eSATA host ports (up to 6Gb/s)
*One 7 watt bus-powered FireWire 800 host port
*Two bus-powered USB 3.0 host ports (supports UASP)
*Durable and rugged aluminium casing



Technical Specifications

Akitio Thunder Dock


“The Akitio Thunder Dock is ideal for people who have existing eSATA storage devices to connect with a Thunderbolt-equipped Mac (MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, iMac, and especially the new Mac Pro). If your Mac also lacks USB 3 (e.g. 2011-era MacBook Pro and Mac Mini), or lacks FireWire 800 (new Mac Pro, MacBook Air, Retina MacBook Pro, iMac), then it’s even more valuable.” Read More…

– Ric Ford – MacInTouch (June 2, 2014)

“If you are migrating from a last-gen Mac Pro and have eSATA and FireWire drives — as I am — the AKiTiO Thunder Dock is a great choice. The ports are fast and the setup couldn’t be simpler. For me, the Akitio Thunder Dock gets the nod because it does more of what I need. I have heavy storage requirements and the ease and performance of my legacy storage turns a little MacBook Air into an I/O monster.” Read More…

– Robin Harris – ZDNet (May 7, 2014)

“We’ve seen many MacBook-focused accessories that generally mimic the notebooks’ industrial design, and the AKiTiO Thunder is one of the most fitting examples. Its aluminium construction, matte bead-blasted finish and gentle contours appear to perfectly match the design aesthetic of most MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs. This may not matter to some buyers, but it certainly looks natural sitting on a desk next to any Apple devices.” Read More…

– Justin King – MacNN (March 5, 2014)

“The Thunder Dock brings together all of the products and organizes the I/O into one compact little box, allowing me to connect all of it to my Macbook Air with one Thunderbolt cable. There isn’t too much to do with the dock other than power all of your technologies in one centralized location, though it is very useful and is set at a very good price for all of the technology that you can run through it.” Read More…

– Kaled Ali – Technology Tell (February 24, 2014)

“The AKiTiO Thunder Dock offers a tremendous amount of value in the age of slim computing. Allowing users to utilize eSATA and legacy Firewire devices makes this a must have for any professional.” Read More…

– Tyler Bernath – TweakTown (February 22, 2014)