Mini HDD Copy Pro III Ultra


High speed copy & erase with maximum transfer rate of 250 MB / sec! Copy speed up to more than twice the conventional product.”Speed ​​test function” and “SMART information display function” installed!Three types of copy function & Copy support function installed! (Whole copy / system & file copy / partition copy / error skip / compare)Three types of data erase function with simultaneous erasing of two units installed! (Quick erase / Full erase / DoD erase)2.5 “& 3.5” IDE HDD also comes with a dedicated IDE → SATA conversion adapter that can be copied!

Product nameHDD Mini Copy Pro III Ultra
Model numberKD25/35HSPRO
Dimension117 mm (W) x 78 mm(D) x 28 mm(H)
Weight340 g (excluding accessories)
Supported interfaceSATA I/II/1.5Gbps/3.0Gbps
PowerAC IN – 100-240V ; DC OUT – 12V 5A