Mini SAS Copy Pro

Data copy / erase machine compatible with SAS HDD / SSD, SATA HDD / SSD
IDE HDD connection is also possible with dedicated adapter
Asynchronous erase function which can replace HDD / SSD and erase newly from the order of erasing finished
Five types of erase algorithms are installed. You can select the erasing method according to the application
Data delete contents can be printed with a dedicated printer. It is also possible to output text data of work log to USB memory

2.5 inch / 3.5 inch HDD or SSD with IDE (PATA) interface
When connecting multiple IDE HDD at the same time, please purchase separately conversion adapter. (Model number: KDA-IDE)
It is not possible to connect an optical drive, MO, other IDE equipment other than HDD.
It is not possible to connect 2.5 inch HDD and 3.5 inch HDD at the same time.
IDE HDD which operates only in PIO mode is not supported. Please note.


Product Sheet
Mini SAS Copy Pro