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MB662US-2S Dual Bay eSATA & USB 2.0 RAID External Enclosure


The MB662US-2S is a dual bay hard drive RAID enclosure that can use two 3.5” SATA hard drives for different RAID configurations. With the built-in RAID device inside the enclosure, you can have both USB and e-SATA with six different types of configurations. The main features in this enclosure is RAID 0 for greater transfer speed, RAID 1 for storage recovery, BIG setup for maximum hard drive capacity, or JBOD to setup two separate hard drives. The additional features of this enclosure are Safe 33 and Safe 50, which allow users to have both data recovery and most possible hard drive capacity. Manual switches on the back of the enclosure allow users to set their drive for different RAID configurations without having to buy any RAID controller cards or install software, allowing even those to set configurations without having any experiences with RAID configurations. Other features are the fan speed controller to manage the speed of the fan and hard drive installation requires no tools or kits. This is the perfect device for video editors or photographers that require speed and safety in their storage for both business and personal uses.


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