Private: IcyDock

MB668US-1SB 2.5″ Portable eSATA & USB Enclosure with OTB Function


This product has everything you love about an Icy Dock, and more! As always, it is constructed of lightweight aluminum to make it as portable as it is durable, and allows for maximum cooling efficiency. The MB668US is also stylish as it is powerful. Designed with similar lines and curves of a luxury car, you will be sure to turn some heads.

It uses an eSATA connection for blazing fast transfer speeds, and includes a USB port to connect to virtually any device, and includes a USB to Power cord. The power cord is required when using eSATA, or when using USB, depending on the drive capacity/speed as well as your individual system specifications.

We have also included a cool blue status LED inside the dock that is hidden away and less bright than most enclosures on the market. Now, when backing up those large files at night, you can escape the annoyance of that LED blinking in the corner of your eye.

The MB668US is also fully loaded with new and improved features. The dock goes together in 3 easy steps, and is completely tool-less. It creates a hassle free experience for tasks such as upgrading your laptop hard drive, or backing up multiple drives.

Finally, we have saved the best for last. Brand new to the Icy Dock name is a ‘One Touch Backup’ Button or OTB. PC users will be able to back up specific files and folders, keeping them up to date, at the touch of a button.


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