LaCie 2big RAID Quadra FireWire 800 & USB 3.0 [7200rpm]

2big RAID Quadra USB 3.0

Product Overview
LaCie designed the 2big Quadra USB 3.0 desktop drive from the ground
up. It features USB 3.0 with UAS compatibility for optimized speeds up to
210MB/s. It also has a new cooling system that is more efficient and 50%
quieter than previous generations. The LaCie® 2big Quadra is completely
reliable and perfect for intensive content creation, secure backup, or
massive desktop storage.

Universal. Flexible. Reliable.
• USB 3.0 speed: Up to 210MB/s1
• Quad interface for PC/Mac compatibility
• RAID and hot-swap for speed or security
• Aluminum enclosure and quiet operation

Use Cases
• Backup: Benefit from USB 3.0 with UAS performance for faster
backups, RAID 1 with hot-swappable drives for no data loss or
downtime, and dual cooling for long-term availability of backed up
• Content Creation: Fast access with USB 3.0 speeds, FireWire 800
compatibility, RAID 0, and near-silent operation let professionals
play back hi-def content for smooth video editing and photo library
• Desktop Storage: Massive capacity, USB 3.0 speeds, reliability, and
quad-interface compatibility make the LaCie 2big Quadra a perfect
choice for desktop storage.

Capacity: 12TB

Data Sheet:

LaCie 2big RAID Quadra FireWire 800 & USB 3.0 [7200rpm]