LaCie Rugged SECURE USB 3.1-C w/ Rescue


Product Overview
Take the Rugged superpowers you’ve come to rely on and add the selfencrypting magic of Seagate Secure technology. What you get is a drive
that’s impenetrable—even when it’s removed from its enclosure. LaCie
Rugged® Secure allows you to transfer and transport your sensitive data
with no concerns for unauthorized access or intellectual property theft. All
this on top of universal compatibility with USB-C, USB 3.0, and
Thunderbolt 3. Not to mention the rain, drop, and crush resistance. But
wait. There’s more: the peace of mind that comes with the 2-year
Seagate® Rescue Data Recovery Services plan.

Armor for Your Data
• AES-256 hardware encryption
• Drop resistance: 4-ft (1.2m)
• Crush resistance: 1-ton car
• Water resistance: rain
• 2-year limited warranty
• 2-year Rescue Data Recovery Services plan

Always Tough. Protect Your Data.
• Protect your data with Seagate Secure™ encryption technology
• New USB-C connector for next-generation computers
• Universal compatibility with Thunderbolt™ and USB
• Drop-, shock-, crush-, and rain-resistant for all-terrain use

Capacity: 2TB

Data Sheet:

LaCie RUGGED SECURE USB 3.1-C w/ Rescue