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4-Bay 2.5”/3.5″ SAS/SATA III HDD/SSD JBOD Storage  

2 Mini-SAS ports (SAS 12G), Hot-Swappable Drive

With 4 10TB HDDs, it to provide you 40TB storage capacity

ST4-U6 provide four HDDs storage system with JBOD storage, ST4-U6 is compatible to most of 10TB HDD product which are available in the market.  Under RAID adapter which its RAID 0 mode, you could get an almost up to 40TB storage capacity.  And its RAID 5 feature not only gives you a good data protection but also an almost up to 30TB storage capacity!

Its multipurpose tray to give you the flexibility for choosing storage media

ST4-U6’s 4-bay chassis provides you an up to 40TB storage capacity and supports any kind of storage disk platforms, both of 3.5″ and 2.5″ SATA and SAS HDD/SSD products.  It’s strong aluminum extrusion chassis provides you an excellent protection at your 4 storage disks which you could fully rely on it for your daily heavy-duty works.

A variety choice of SFF-8644 to SFF-8644 miniSAS interfaces

ST4-U6’s miniSAS interface supports SFF-8644 to SFF-8644 miniSAS cable which includes 4x12Gb/s bandwidths and lets each HDD/SSD gets a whole 12Gb/s bandwidth alone.  It brings you a best efficiency for data transfer for your heavy-duty video editing works!

MCU provide you in-chassis temperature control and the mute switch to adjust the buzzer

ST4-U6 is also designed with the MCU feature which monitors and helps improving its in-chassis system temperature.  While the system temperature rises up to 50 degree-C (118 degree-F), MCU will bump up the 8 cm fans with full speed; and once system temperature goes down to 45 degree-C (109 degree-F), you could manually adjust fan switch on the rear, MCU would reduce the fan speed down to a half speed for a better green user environment from a less fan noise and lower power consumption.

In addition, if the fan fails or the device temperature is too high, the buzzer will beep and let the user know that the device has failed. The user can turn off or turn on the buzzer through the mute adjustment switch on the back of the back panel.

Its aluminum chassis to help an excellent heat dissipation

Its 4.0 mm thickness aluminum extrusion production creates a very strong and seamless chassis to perform good at both of data protection and heat dissipation for your data disks.   And even with its casted zinc-alloy handle, you could enjoy its good mobility feature at your work.

The built-in power supply unit
ST4-U6 uses conform with safety regulation certified 150W power supply unit which provides a stable and high efficient power output and definitely satisfies the big power consumption from all 4 HDDs.

It to fit most of RAID Controller Adapter

Our ST4-U6’s 12Gb/s data transfer rate and JBOD features fits most of your old SAS RAID controller adapter from your former Mac Pro and Win PCs.  And also, you could use our SA2TB3 Docking to connect ST4-U6 to your Mac which supports Thunderbolt interface.

SA2TB3 to help connecting ST4-U6 to your new Mac Thunderbolt

Thru one new Stardom SA2TB3 docking, you could easily connect two ST4-U6 with a total 8 HDDs to your new Mac Thunderbolt.  This solution also gives you an excellent data transfer rate up to 1300MB/s with its RAID 5 feature which lets you not only enjoy watching your 4K video with no missing frames but also get a perfect data protection for all your data in 8 HDDs.

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