Data management platform for home and small office

Get your data under control

Consolidate files from various sources into your own private cloud. The DS223 keeps the process simple and offers everything you need to keep your data safe and organized.

Secure private cloud

Enable anywhere, anytime access to up to 36 TB of data.

Simple backup hub

Create spare copies of your documents and media for easy recovery.

Efficient operation

Keep energy consumption low with just 17.3 W during operation.

Private cloud made easy

Import data from PCs, Macs, and other external storage devices at a 14% faster rate and keep all your devices in sync for smoother file management. Learn more

Access from any device

Get to your files from PC, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, Android, iOS, or any device equipped with a browser. Keep your data private or easily share it using secure links.

Save storage space

Enable on-demand mode to download files onto your Windows PC or Mac only when you access them. Pin the most important ones or the ones you access more frequently for convenient offline accessibility.

Integrate with the cloud

Sync files between your private cloud and public cloud services, including Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive. Retain local copies of your cloud data for centralized management and data ownership. Learn more

Sync across locations

Say goodbye to long waits while downloading or uploading files. Continuously synchronize content between two Synology devices to enable fast local access at any location, no matter the amount of data.

Your data is in safe hands

Not all data storage is created equal. Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM), the operating system that powers the DS223, leverages the efficient Btrfs file system to protect your data against data corruption and roll back any accidental or malicious changes thanks to the snapshot technology. Learn more

Versatile NAS for the modern home

Configure your DS223 to best suit your needs thanks to a host of complete solutions designed for every scenario.

Photo management

Store and organize photos, albums, and other media with smart and intuitive features. Leverage privacy-focused options to share media securely with friends, family, or colleagues.


Data protection

Safeguard digital memories and important projects with intuitive backup tools.

Automatic media backup

Have photos and videos taken on mobile devices automatically uploaded to your private cloud with Synology Photos or Synology Drive.

Protection against cyberattacks

Leverage Synology Drive to protect data against ransomware attacks or accidental deletion with real-time or scheduled backups of your computer folders.


Video surveillance

Protect what matters with intuitive monitoring solutions for your home. Learn more

Wide compatibility

Connect up to 20 IP cameras by choosing from a wide selection of over 8,300 validated models or ONVIF devices.

Universal access

Watch over your property the way your find most convenient. Watch camera streams through web browsers, desktop clients, or mobile apps. Get notified of events and take immediate action.


Protect your data platform

Add an extra layer of protection to your files with one of the built-in, license-free solutions available to back up your DS223.

Flexible backups

Back up your entire NAS, including system settings and applications, or select specific folders. Secure all backup data to multiple destinations. Learn more

Near-continuous protection

Take NAS protection to the next level by creating point-in-time copies of shared folders that can be replicated elsewhere and rapidly restored. Learn more

Works best with Synology drives

Leverage high sustained performance and reliability with well-engineered drives designed specially for Synology systems.

More ways to harness your NAS

Storage for content creators

Synology NAS brings speed, simplicity, and security to all your creative projects.

File management

Store, access, and share files securely and efficiently with the native solutions available in Synology DSM.

Ransomware prevention and protection

Minimize the threat posed by increasingly sophisticated malware with Synology.

Datasheet for DS223 : DS223 datasheet