Deep Learning NVR DVA3219

Introducing AI-powered video analytics on premises

Driving the future of video surveillance

Video analytics is poised to change the way surveillance is done: instead of only allowing you to retrieve footage after an incident happens, it can alert you and even trigger automatic responses as it’s happening. With deep learning–based algorithms powered by NVIDIA GeForce® graphic card, Synology DVA3219 is able to accurately pinpoint the events you really want to pay attention to.



Max Camera

32 camera feeds 1


4 real-time analysis tasks


Up to 14 drives with two DX517

Server-based video analytics

Compared to cloud-based or camera-based models, running video analytics on Synology DVA3219 provides several distinct advantages:

Security & privacy

No footage is uploaded to the cloud for analysis purposes, removing concerns over sensitive information and regulatory requirements.

No recurring fees

Just a one-time hardware purchase – no monthly subscriptions or additional charges for future software updates.

Real-time results

Instead of post-event analysis, DVA3219 notifies security operators as an incident takes place, allowing them to take immediate actions. No need to worry about unstable Internet connections or bandwidth usage, either.

Ease of integration

Compatible with over 7,600 IP cameras, there’s no need to replace them to gain analytics functionality – simply substitute DVA3219 for your existing NVR.

After adopting the surveillance solution provided by Synology, we have fundamentally solved all the problems we had using a traditional system. Aside from allowing us to record stably, it also saves us a lot of time pulling out footage, as our surveillance officers are required to do so daily. Moreover, Surveillance Station counts and tracks people flow, allowing us to analyze the data and bringing in more revenue.

Mr. Wang, Chin-Hsiang, Board Chairman, Taipei City Station Front Metro Mall Site Utilization Cooperative

Administrator’s guides

Refer to the following administrators’ guides for instructions and suggestions for your deployment.

Face recognition
People and vehicle detection
People counting
Intrusion detection

Licensing plan

By applying more license keys in Surveillance Station, you will be able to set up and manage more surveillance devices on your Synology products.

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Data Sheet: DVA3219