FlashStation FS3017


Designed for lightning-fast computing environments, Synology FlashStation FS3017 is a highly reliable, cost-efficient, and ultra-high performance all-flash storage solution with comprehensive business applications for enterprise users.





Astonishing Performance

Powered by two Intel Xeon E5-2620 six-core CPUs and 64GB DDR4 ECC RDIMM (up to 512GB), Synology FS3017 delivers over 200,000 4K Random Write IOPS1 , making it ideal for video post-productions, mail server, virtualization and database applications, which require ultra-high performance and low latency.

FS3017 comes with dual 10GBase-T ports and supports optional 10GbE / 25GbE / 40GbE network interface cards, allowing more flexibilities for network configurations. Network performance is further enhanced with iSCSI over RDMA2 and Non-Uniform Memory Access (NUMA) integration.


Due to the peculiarities of SSD and RAID technology, a common challenge lies in how to prevent all of the drives from failing at the same time because of the evenly distributed workload. RAID F1 alleviates this problem with a specially designed algorithm to unevenly distribute workload to drives, enhancing the resilience of the storage pool and ensuring your data remains safe.

See the white paper for more technical details regarding RAID F1

Virtualization Ready

FS3017 provides seamless storage solutions for virtualization environments, including VMware, Citrix, Hyper-V, and OpenStack. With VMware vSphere 6 and VAAI integration certified, FS3017 helps offload specific storage operations and optimizes computing power for unparalleled performance and efficiency in VMware environments. Windows Offloaded Data Transfer (ODX) and Synology Advanced LUN support greatly improves the efficiency on massive data transfer and migration. With OpenStack support, FS3017 can be used as a block-based storage component for servers complying with the Cinder API.

Rock-Solid Data Protection

The Snapshot Replication application provides schedulable, near-instantaneous data protection. It replicates 65,000 system-wide backup copies to offsite servers and local volumes, bringing near-instantaneous data protection and ensuring data in shared folders or virtual machines in iSCSI LUNs remain available in the event of a disaster.

With block-level incremental backup and cross-version deduplication, Synology Hyper Backup provides multi-version backup with optimized storage space utilization and allows multiple backup destinations to local shared folders, external hard drives, network shared folders, rsync server, and public cloud services.

Fully certified storage virtualization solutions

Synology iSCSI storage fully supports most virtualization solutions to enhance work efficiency with easy management interface. VMware vSphere 6 and VAAI integration helps offload storage operations and optimizes computation efficiency. Windows Offloaded Data Transfer (ODX) speeds up data transfer and migration rate. OpenStack Cinder support turns your Synology NAS into a block-based storage component.


5-year warranty

At Synology, we are committed to product innovation and quality. Synology guarantees a robust and reliable data management experience with a 5-year limited warranty, providing responsive technical support and hardware replacement services to maximize your return on investment.


Powered by Synology DSM

Synology High Availability

Seamless transition between clustered servers in the event of a server failure to minimize the impact on applications.

Active Backup Suite

Integrated, modern, and license-free backup & instant recovery solution for VMware, Windows, Microsoft 365, and G Suite.

Hyper Backup

Store multiple backup versions with block-level incremental data backup and cross-version deduplication.

Synology MailPlus

Secure, reliable, and private mail server solution with an intuitive and modern mail client.

Virtual Machine Manager

Run various operating systems in isolated sandboxes. Seamlessly clone, restore and migrate virtual machines.

Synology Drive

A versatile solution for file management and synchronization.


Data Sheet: FS3017