Supercharge I/O performance

Enterprise NVMe solid-state drives


M.2 2280

SNV3400 Series, tailored for Synology NAS with built-in M.2 slots.

M.2 22110

SNV3500 Series, engineered for more demanding environments.

Supercharge your NAS/SAN

Synology SNV3400/3500 Series NVMe SSDs are designed to intelligently work with Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) to boost I/O performance. These high-performance NVMe drives accelerate the slower but higher-capacity storage space provided by traditional hard drives, enabling cost-effective, in-place upgrades for existing systems.


Up to 70,000 4K random write IOPS


Up to 1,022 TBW


Actionable insight for optimal performance and longevity


One-click drive firmware updates through DSM

Consistently fast caching for 24/7 environments

Designed specifically for Synology systems, the SNV3400/3500 Series SSDs are built for maximum performance consistency. Each drive is rated for up to 400,000/70,000 4K random read/write IOPS across the usable lifespan of the drive. Endurance of up to 1,022 TBW ensures longevity.

Data integrity safeguards

Full end-to-end data protection and power loss protection (SNV3500 Series only)5 ensure data integrity and help prevent corruption issues during unexpected shutdown events.

Better analytics

Synology drives can provide more accurate insights about drive health in Synology DSM, including the workload placed on them over time.

Timely notifications

Timely notifications of potential issues help you plan ahead to attain consistent system performance and longevity.

Optimal use

Easy monitoring allows you to make optimal use of each SSD.

Purpose-built for Synology NAS

Synology SNV3400/3500 Series drives are thoroughly validated for use in our systems following each engineering change. Each firmware and component is strictly controlled. Intensive I/O stress, power cycling, and temperature stress tests ensure that all products meet our strictest standards for quality and reliability.

Datasheet for SNV3410: datasheet