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MB559U3S-1S Slim USB 3.0 & eSATA External HDD Enclosure


External enclosures provide a great avenue for many professional & enterprise users in the media field looking for an easy way to store and backup data. The ability to have slim, removable and heat dissipation are all critical features to truly protect and store your data. With that said, Icy Dock is proud to introduce the ICYBento MB559U3S-1S, 3.5” SATA III USB 3.0 slim aluminum external hard drive enclosure.

The MB559U3S-1S uses an ultra slim fan-less design, to give the best portability in any professional environment. To achieve this, the height of the enclosure reaches just a bit higher than the standard 3.5” hard drive height under 2 inches, making it easy to place anywhere from your suitcase to your office drawer. The fan-less design choice allows a quiet operation with the least amount of intrusion possible. This is the perfect minimalistic external storage for media editors available on the market.

In addition to the ultra slim design, the enclosure must be lightweight and able to provide efficient heat dissipation. By using an aluminum body, your hard drive is properly protected and also reduces the weight of the external enclosure because the MB559U3S-1S weighs in at just over 1 pound. Unlike other name brand external hard drive products that use plastic bodies, the aluminum material allows your hard drive to receive the best heat dissipation to maintain optimal temperature during operation. What this results in is an external enclosure that is the lightest, slimmest, and fully protects your hard drive.

Last but not least, drive removability adds another dimension by offering great freedom of choice in expanding your storage solution and multi-drive exchangeability for easy maintenance. The MB559U3S-1S presents a simple and easy tray system to swap and transport your hard drive from one location to another Icy Dock series, such as the MB453, MB454, MB455 and MB561 series. Expanding and transporting your drive is simple with the availability of the MB559TRAY(-B) for your hard drive. Small to Medium Business (SMB) users will greatly benefit from the security slot available that will help prevent the enclosure from being stolen. With the tray being easily removable, one can store the hard drive within a safe when not in use. The MB559U3S-1S product is highly recommended to any professional users who require digital information management such as: Audio editors, DJ’s, IT professionals, law enforcement agencies, military, government agencies, and more.


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