Built with a form factor that is a mere 9.6mm tall, the 240GB ESD220C USB 3.0 External Solid State Drive from Transcend is compact, lightweight, and designed for those who need to take important files on their many travels. In addition to its storage capacity of 240GB for files such as movies, photos, music, documents, and more, this SSD is equipped with a USB 3.0 Type-C interface, read speeds of up to 410 MB/s, write speeds of up to 400 MB/s, and TLC (Tri-Level Cell) NAND flash memory. Its USB Type-C interface also provides bus power, meaning that this SSD requires no external power. UASP (USB Attached SCSI Protocol) helps to boost traditional USB 3.0 transfer speeds when used with a UASP-enabled host system, while a RAID engine, LDPC (Low-Density Parity Check) coding help, and wear-leveling technology help to ensure data security and drive reliability. While a USB Type-C to Type-A cable is included, those who require a USB Type-C to Type-C cable will need to purchase that separately.

General Features
Fast Data Transfer Speeds
Taking advantage of the USB 3.0 interface and built-in SLC caching technology, the ESD220C achieves fast transfer speeds, with reads of up to 410 MB/s and writes of up to 400 MB/s. Plus, with the support of UASP (USB Attached SCSI Protocol), the ESD220C can boost transfer speeds faster than the traditional USB 3.0 interface when used with a UASP-enabled host computer.
RAID Engine and Low-Density Parity Check
The ESD220C is engineered with a RAID engine and LDPC (Low-Density Parity Check) coding, which is an ECC algorithm that helps to keep your data secure. Built-in wear-leveling technology also helps to ensure data integrity during transmission, prolonging the lifespan of the drive.
On-the-Go Devices Supported
To accommodate devices with different USB ports, the ESD220C is specifically designed with a USB Type-C port, offering the flexibility of being used on different platforms. In addition to PCs, the ESD220C can be used with on-the-go mobile devices. While a USB Type-C to Type-A cable is included, users will need to provide their own adapter or compatible cable to attach the ESD220C to mobile or USB Type-C devices.
One Touch to Back Up All Files
The ESD220C is equipped with an auto-backup button for data backup and synchronization when used with Transcend Elite software.
Transcend Elite Software
The ESD220C comes with a free download of Transcend’s Elite data management tools. The software allows important files stored on your Transcend storage devices to be kept organized, protected, and up-to-date, making you more productive.

To help prevent unauthorized users from accessing to your ESD220C, Transcend Elite provides an additional feature to secure sensitive data stored on the portable SSD. You can lock and unlock the ESD220C via Transcend Elite app or software (Windows only).