Expansion Unit RX6022sas

High-density storage expansion for Synology HD6500 servers


Massively expand your storage

Maximize the potential of your cold or warm storage deployment by adding 60 additional drives to your HD6500 server in minutes. With support for up to four expansion units, you can easily accommodate massive storage growth without incurring in costly disruptions. Support for SAS multipathing allows you to achieve up to twice the performance when deploying multiple expansion units, while online storage expansion and comprehensive storage management tools in Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) simplify initial configuration and management down the road.


Designed for service uptime

Excel in tackling large-scale applications while maintaining the highest level of service availability through clever hardware solutions.

SAS multipathing

Maximize resiliency against hardware malfunctions with SAS multipathing. Thanks to alternate physical paths, the system can reroute data when the primary interface or connection fails.

Redundant components

Reduce the impact of maintenance on service availability with modular design for drive trays and system fans, enabling easy and quick replacement. Redundant power supply units keep your data online in the event of power source failure.


Plug-and-play deployment

Minimize downtime when expanding your storage infrastructure with online storage expansion, which allows you to add new volumes or expand RAID volumes on the RX6022sas without affecting services on the HD6500.


Achieve peak performance with Synology drives

Synology drives’ finely tuned firmware ensures maximum integration with Synology hardware and software. Backed by a testing regimen that replicates heavy data center use, they deliver optimal performance and reliability even when tackling the most demanding applications.