Mini HDD Copy Pro VII

This do stand Ultra Hi-Speed ​​PRO (KD25 / 35UHSPRO)

Compatible with both SATA and IDE. A high-end model that enables ultra-high-speed data copying and erasing that exceeds conventional products!

• High speed copy & erase with maximum transfer speed of 530MB / sec! Copy speed is more than twice as fast as conventional products

• Comes with one “IDE-> SATA conversion adapter” (KDA-IDE) that can copy 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch IDE HDDs!

• Equipped with 4 types of copy functions and 2 types of copy support functions!

• 7 types of data erase function that can erase 2 units at the same time!

• Equipped with a “speed test function” that measures device reading and writing speeds and 10 “SMART information display functions”!

Product features

High-speed copy and erase of maximum transfer speed, approximately 530MB / sec!

Compatible with 2.5 inch & 3.5 inch IDE HDD

A conversion adapter for connecting an IDE HDD is included!
Different interfaces such as IDE HDD to SATA HDD can be copied.

Product content

Supported HDD / SSD * As of July 2019


• 2.5 or 3.5 inch SATA HDD [SATA I (1.5Gbps) / II (
3.0Gbps ) / 3.0 (6Gbps)]

IDE HDD / SSD (when using the included SATA-IDE conversion adapter)

• 2.5-inch / 3.5-inch HDD or SSD with IDE (PATA) interface 
• HDD that operates with Ultra DMA2 or higher (Ultra DMA 0 to 1, HDD with PIO does not work)


• MLC / TLC type 2.5 inch SATA SSD [SATAI (1.5Gbps) / II (3.0Gbps) /3.0 (6Gbps)]

Product Specifications

Product name: This stand Ultra Hi-Speed ​​PRO

Model number: KD25 / 35UHSPRO

JAN code: 4549032013948

Warranty period: 1 Year

Body color: Black

Device interface: SATA I (1.5Gbps) / II (3.0Gbps) / 3.0 (6Gbps)

Supported file systems: FAT16 / 32, NTFS, EXT2 / 3/4

Supported partition table: MBR, GPT

Body dimensions: Width 116mm x Height 28.5mm x Depth 79mm (Accessories and protrusions not included)

weight: Approximately 365g (excluding accessories)

temperature humidity: Temperature 5 to 45 ° C, humidity 20 to 80% (no condensation, within the operating range of the connected PC)

AC adapter specifications: [Input] AC100V-240V [Output] DC12V 5A