Transcend Smart Reader (OTG) – Android / Type-C

The Next Evolution

OTG Card Readers

Smart Reader RDC2

Transcend’s RDC2 is an OTG (On-The-Go) smart reader specifically designed for next-generation USB Type-C computers and mobile devices that support the OTG function. It works with Android smartphones and tablets that come with the USB Type-C port and with iPad Pro 2018. In addition to an SD card slot and a microSD card slot, Transcend’s RDC2 also has a standard USB Type-A port that allows you to connect accessories such as USB flash drives, keyboards, or mice to said Android smartphones, tablets, or iPad. Download the free Transcend Elite App to easily manage digital files on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Reversible USB Type-C connector

Transcend’s RDC2 smart reader comes with a reversible USB Type-C connector for greater ease of use. In addition to Android smartphones and tablets with a USB Type-C port and iPad Pro 2018, Transcend’s RDC2 smart reader can also be used on new laptops with a Type-C port.

Dual card slots for easy expansion

Transcend’s RDC2 smart reader is equipped with both an SD card slot and a microSD card slot. The SD card slot supports UHS-I SDXC and SDHC memory cards, while the microSD card slot offers your Android device an alternative way to expand its storage capacity.

An accessory to connect your life

Equipped with a USB Type-A port, Transcend’s RDC2 smart reader allows for simultaneous connection to a USB flash drive or PCs when an Android smartphone or tablet is connected with the Type-C cable. You can also plug in a mouse or keyboard to control your Android device.

Fits in Your Pocket

Transcend’s RDC2 smart reader is incredibly compact and fits perfectly in your pocket, making it a great travel companion, whether for business or fun.

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Transcend Smart Reader (OTG) – Android / Type-C