STARDOM iTANK i310-SB3/ i310-SB3-B

The next generation.

1-Bay 2.5”/3.5″ SATA III HDD/SSD Storage 
USB 3.0, e-SATA, Hot-Swappable Drive

Say Hello to the 6G Era
The new i310-SB3 is now e-SATA (6G) and USB 3.0 (5G) compatible, offering faster performance and a wider range of applications.

Features e-SATA (6G) and USB 3.0 (5G) Compatibility

The new iTank i310-SB3 (6G) are fitted with high-speed e-SATA (6G) and USB 3.0 (5G) interfaces, offering blazingly fast transfer speeds compared to USB 2.0. In addition, the USB 3.0 model is backward compatible with USB 2.0 for users who haven’t yet upgraded to USB 3.0.

Test Environment
Computer : MSI Z77A-GD80
Operation System : WIN8
Test Disk : SSD/KINGSTON/SH103S3120G

Removable Design Makes it Easier to Use and Switch Out Multiple Hard Drives
The i310’s newly designed removable drive trays can accommodate  3.5″ HDDs, 2.5″ SSDs, and 2.5″ HDDs (supporting a range of widths including 15 / 12 / 9.5 / 9 / 7 mm) and combine the convenience of external plug and play drives with the advantages in stability offered by internal drives, enabling you to enjoy the best of both worlds and increased mobility. In addition, the silver and black trays share the same structural design, making them compatible with all Stardom 3.5″ HDD enclosures.

Spare removable drive tray available
The Stardom removable 3.5” drive trays are designed to fit any 3.5” SATA or SAS hard drive for swapping. Each also comes with protective casing that well protects the drive enclosed when archiving and mobility is required. The removable 3.5” drive tray comes in two versions, the silver and the black and both are interchangeable to fit all Stardom 3.5” drive enclosures.

i310-SB3 is the perfect high-performance solution for storage intensive applications including audio/video editing, digital photography and high-speed data backup.

It’s Time Machine friendly !
Yes! The iTANK i310-SB3 is capable of supporting the Time Machine included in the Mac OS X Leopard. Through any interface connections provided by the i310, all of your Time Machines files can be backed up speedily (HFS+ drive format required)

Never run out of hard drive space
As your iPhoto library grows, it may become too big to store on your computer’s hard drive. Aperture lets you set up as many external drives as you want and specify where to store each of your photos — without changing anything in your Aperture library. You can access and edit your photos the way you usually do, no matter where the originals are stored. This feature also allows you to add hard drives one at a time, whenever you need them. So your setup can grow along with your library

For a wide range of applications

The iTANK i310-SB3 is designed for a wide range of usages from data, MP3, MPEG archiving to creative professional applications such as audio, video and photography productions.

Get the Most Out of Your 3.5″ HDD by Combining an ES2-P2 with the i310’s e-SATA (6G) Interface

Since ES2-P2 has an average transfer rate of about 365MB/s—much faster than a single HDD—you can actually enjoy quicker transfer speeds without being restricted to the bandwidth limits of ordinary 3G PCI-e cards on the market which top out at about 132MB/s. Best of all, every Stardom i310 model is e-SATA-compatible.

Colour: Silver, Black

Data Sheet:

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