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SLR 100

For high end workstations, NetWare and Windows small business servers and Windows midrange computers the Tandberg SLR100 provides an affordable, highly reliable, high performance/- capacity solution providing future scalability and backward compatibility.

Designed for ultimate price/performance and superior reliability the SLR100 offers up to 100GB storage capacity and up to 36GB/Hr transfer speed. Combined with the large 8MB buffer, in-line data compression and “Auto Sense” transfer rate, the SLR100 offers the best price/performance in its class. The standard 5.25-inch half height form factor SLR100 is made for easy installation in a half height bay of most PC servers and workstations. The Ultra 2 interface allows connection to standard SCSI interface cards.


* A highly reliable, high performance and capacity solution for high end Workstations, entry level Windows servers and Windows and * Linux midrange computers.
* Capacity of to 100 GB*
* Transfer rates of up to 36 GB/Hr*
* 8 MB buffer and in-line data compression
* Auto Sensing transfer rate and additional security withTapeAlert™

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